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As a crossdresser/transgender, you are not born with a curvaceous body that features a butt like Kim Kardashian. Hip pads are out dated – they slide all over the place when you move, and they can be too thin for a boxum female look. Now here is what The Kim does for you.

We introduced the original version of The Kim back in 2020. It bears the name of Kim as a shoutout to Kim’s famous big butts, while the idea of creating the silicone girdle pant is to make a curvaceous body easier to be acquired than ever. Hip padding is a conventional step to take when it comes to crossdressing/dragging. That being said it has never been a simple thing to do – hip curves vary so much on people.

Men are genetically apt to heap up fat and muscle on upper body instead of girdle area or thighs, which leads to the fact that hip fat of men tends to converge inwards, when women’s does the opposite, and makes their bodies curvier. Hip pads need to be on exactly the right place and of the exact correct size so as to fit, not to mention the lack of the functionalities including urination and penetration.

We know what we want. Here comes The Kim.

An entire silicone girdle pant can be a lot of weight, and clumsiness is nothing positive to crossdressing, so it must be worth every gram added. The Kim 2.0 has a gradually thinned verge outwards, which helps to blend better with your own skin. It added 2 inches to each side of the hip and 3.5 inches to the rear, making it 2 times thicker than a regular silicone hip pad. The functionalities have been well taken into consideration – there is a built-in urination tube linking to the realistic silicone vagina, just above the penetration tube made of soft silicone. From the outside you can never tell the smooth private parts hide so much.

Also The Kim is made of the same silicone material that is used on Zero Touch Bodysuits. It does not easily rip, nor does it leak silicone oil that can make a mess of your crossdressing. The touch is incredible.

Forget about he foam pads that constantly cakes inside. Walk out in your favorite bodysuit and showcase your butts and legs with full confidence. People will never tell it is fake, as you walk into the washroom and give yourself a proper powdering.

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Be Kim Kardashian, or Bigger | The Kim Girdle Pant

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