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My name is Miao(Aka Molitutu or 茉莉兔兔 in Chinese), a crossdresser who started posting crossdressing pictures over the internet and got known ever since 2004. You’ve probably watched my YouTube interview video clip or seen me live in a fetish market. Yeah good to see ya all again here, virtually:)

I established INTHEMASK.COM back in 2019 with my own studio Moli’s, affiliated to Moli’s Corporation(Shanghai),Ltd, a company dedicated to providing professional crossdressing outfit, photography service for crossdressers and female masks. All products here at INTHEMASK are made by highest standards to satisfy a most quality demanding customer, as INTHEMASK.COM is here to transform you to the doll or lady you’ve always been dreaming of.

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Have fun here!

We are affiliated to Moli’s

InTheMask.com is owned by Moli’s Corporation (Shanghai), a registered company founded in 2012 in Shanghai, decicated to offering online and offline service and products for crossdressers, fetishists and drag queens.

We ship worldwide! Don’t worry about the shipping because it’s all covered. We promise to deliver the best quality in the best time efficiency, with all the dream products you want for being the beatiful lady on your mind.

We are located at:

293, 868 Zhoukang Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China 

Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. to 21:00 p.m.

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About Molitutu 茉莉兔兔 (Aka @manaminanase, or Miao Zhu)