Lockdown Homies in Shanghai


Lockdown days are horrendous. Luckily I have stock pies to sweet them up a bit.

The photo set was taken back in May 2019. I found it particularly attractive in the lockdown days – same scenery and cast, even in the same month, but 3 years ago. I wonder how different I looked in the pictures in your eyes, so would you just let me know?

Remotely across the river there stand the sky scrapers and the iconic Oriental Pearl Tower that for ages represents what Shanghai is to tourists. They make perfect backdrop for photo taking.

When I was a kid I always fantasized over getting fully dressed up as a pretty girl and going out to where people aggregate the most, such as in the picture. I actually have never been in the vicinity of that area when in female masquerade, so I asked another “lady” over for a fake pose. Well it’s not the perfect timing for a self introduction, as she said she wasn’t ready yet, except for the tattoo arms:)

The formula was simple: busty and chilled, for both indoor high tea time and outdoor bistro sipping. Getting bold takes time. I was wearing a coat as a bit of a cover for my G cup breasts that might draw too much attention in the first place before I was even adapted. The little trip began along the riverside straight into the Bund, where I was expecting hundreds of thousands tourists’ inspection of a “perfect” disguise:

Honestly I enjoyed a lot when fully immersed in a public environment, and I guess that applies to almost every masker and crossdresser. The fetish of disguise/transformation derives from “see what is unseen”. However the 3 inches high heels I was walking on gradually became obstruction of a masking expedition. I took off the coat, handed it to the camera girl, and decided to showcase my curves that had been hidden for so long.

“Where is the other tattoo girl?”

Well let me show you in the next post:)

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Lockdown Homies in Shanghai

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