Moli’s Black Friday | Live Streaming On Youtube on 25 NOV!


It’s approaching the end of 2021, another year struck by COVID-19. I wish I could travel around the world to meet all maskers and fans and it’s always been the first box to tick in my notebook. However, this will be the chance that I can achieve that somehow another way around: via YouTube Live.

Here is my YouTube Channel, just in case you haven’t followed yet:

I intended to do it on Instagram where my followers are not bothered by a banned account, but Instagram told me that I was “temporarily” blocked from sharing live videos for “violating community rules” that I believe that I have never been. I tried once to go live on YouTube but network kept failing. Hopefully this time I won’t fail! Now here is when I am setting up the live: 20:00 on 25 NOV (Thursday) UTC+8 (Beijing time).

Also Plan B will be Facebook Live if YouTube fails again. Follow our official page @thefemalemasker and my personal account @Miao Zhu to get instant notification of Live! I will be introducing our new SFX-class silicone female mask “Molly” by MoliFX:

And for the first time I’ll introduce the behind-the-scene stories of Molly and show this sample mask upfront to the camera. By the way the pre-order is now available.

Besides, I will be there introducing some of our featured Zentai, Latex wear, doll masks and other products that you might be interested in too. Ask me question and interact with me! Hopefully it won’t be too early for most of you guys:)

Oh, don’t forget our special Black Friday Treat: Use code “BLACKFRIDAY” at checkout to save 10% of the cart, no limit! It will be the biggest sale in the whole year. Enjoy the treat during 25-29 NOV.

See you there!

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Moli’s Black Friday | Live Streaming On Youtube on 25 NOV!

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