“The Virgin 2.0” Braguitas vaginales de silicona para realzar las caderas y las nalgas con abertura anal penetrable


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You want hip and bottom enhancing without losing the funcionality of penetrable vagina and rear opening?

This is the pant you want.

The Front Look

The vagina pant “the Virgin 2.0” comes with penatrable vagina tube that gives you the most realistic feel.

The tube is made of non-toxic platinum silicone exclusively for adult toys.


The Rear Look

The vagina pant “the Virgin 2.0” offers a rear opening that facilitizes defecation without taking the pant off.

And also, you can have more fun with your anal part.

The Inner Side Look

The vagina pant “the Virgin 2.0” is integrated with 2 tubes: the upper tube is for urination, and the lower one is for penetration.

The Verge

“The Virgin 2.0” has superb elasticity, achieving which it has a neat and invisible verge. 

The Enhancement for Hips & Bottoms

We hang the pant so you can see how well the enhancement works.

The Bellybutton

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Punched Pubic Hair



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Anal Open

Large opening behind the anus, Anal opening, None


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