Female Mask Salon at lady-booth, Shanghai.


Yup, the “girl” to the right in red & white dress, made her trip from home to the party site in this outfit. Just imagine how cool it will be when you see a masked girl in the back seat of a cab talking to the chauffer who might have already been staggered by this cute and alienated face.

You can get masks with clicks.

Unless you don’t own a mask, nobody wants to miss a mask party if given a chance. Lady-booth, the well known local studio in Shanghai dedicated to offering crossdressing photography, organized a salon for all maskers to come.

A masking party doesn’t necessarily have to be an offline porno. Getting dressed and putting makeup itself is a way of knowing yourself again.

Unlike beauty gurus on YouTube maskers are not picky about celebrity cobranded cosmetics. Even skin foundation is not an essential part of becoming a masked doll. We talk about “disguise” and all makeup techniques are related to covering the “gaps and seams”, and the great thing about having a face to face event is that experience can be directly passed and sophistication is demonstrated right away.

I don’t know which of the party queens you crush on the most. Let me know;)

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Female Mask Salon at lady-booth, Shanghai.

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