A Perfect New “Fake” Body? Seamless Silicone Bodysuit by Zero Touch

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What Else Can Be Done to a Silicone Bodysuit?

It’s been a whole while since we updated the very favorite series of Zero Touch Bodysuits.

It is interesting every time I think of how I came up with the name of the product line – I want customers to associate the “feeling of nothing” when wearing this special suit, as conventional products do provide an awful experience in most aspects. However we never stop where we’ve created something. No annoying silicone oil separating out, no ripping in the arms or ankles, no sagging breasts that you will never want. And what else?

Yes. No seam whatsoever.

As you might all know all silicone suits come out of molds. Molds need to be opened and the suits need to be taken out, and where you open the mold leaves visible traces and proves where the artificial skinsuit has been. Depending on the wearing condition of the mold, mold lines can vary a lot. We call them seams. Seam can be nothing if you don’t care for a walk out and close-ups in front of the camera.

Also seams mean a lot if you do.

Why Seamless?

I accepted an interview regarding female masking & dollification by InputMagzine earlier last month. I talked about the regular masking out in the public in full disguise. As a business owner I am so used to being as much perfect as I can to convince potential customers that we really do care what you do. I feel much more embarrassed if something goes wrong in any parts of the shooting. I can talk so freely with pedestrians in the streets about where I come from and why my butts are so big, but I can’t take it if they stand in distance and start whispering why the seams with roving eyes. I expect people to be stunned, not to be suspicious of who I am.

I took this photo set at the rooftop of our studio. I kept all the details in the hope that you will all see what’s so different to be in this brand new Seamless version of Zero Touch Bodysuit. All the people awake across the building were literally watching me. I could sense that.

I am about 180cm 70kg, average Asian male stature. Like regular version Seamless version holds up to 190cm and 90kg without an issue. Also girls have been asking me in DMs if their petite figure could fit in the suits as well. The answer is YES, as long as the height is over 165cm and weight above 45 accordingly, or it could be a bit too long the sleeves and legs.

Lastly, we still have the suit fully functional when it comes to having fun. The private part is integrated with urination tube and fake vagina.

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A Perfect New “Fake” Body? Seamless Silicone Bodysuit by Zero Touch

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