Mask #giveaway on Twitter Instructions


We will announce the winner on our Twitter@manaminanase on 1st July. If there is no eligible winner by the end of the date, we will keep the giveaway masks for the next time.

Things you should know about this #giveaway

Please read the list carefully and understand that we will abide by the rules:

  • All suspended accounts, spam accounts and suspicious accounts will be deemed as invalid. We will not give away the prizes to suspicious winners.
  • The Nun mask and Invidia mask are free as giveaways. The winners only have to bear the shipping on their own. The shipping can be calculated on our website. We will ship via DHL/UPS/DPD or USPS.
  • The #giveaway masks will be shipped in 30 days after the announcement of the winner.
  • We encourage winners to show about the masks they receive. We will retweet tweets that tag us with giveaways in.

For any questions and related issues, please leave a comment here, or reach out to us via

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Mask #giveaway on Twitter Instructions

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