Who is Miss Oiran?

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Oiran represents a specific category of high ranking courtesan in Japanese history, as Wikipedia says. I used to create different female personas with masks or even just makeup as a crossdresser, such as a blonde party girl, a anime cosplayer, or just the other side of who I am in a look that I think I should have. People are obsessed with exotic females, especially when they are in a rather mysterious domain. I’ve never tried an Oiran look in my crossdressing life, and I decided to do that with Furgie mask.

Oiran mask is nothing ordinary. With signature mouth gag optional built inside, she takes on a rubber doll fetishist, looking artistically adorable upfront. To go without a gag or a rubber hood, you are all set for a Kigurumi party – but with they on, you become an Oiran. Keep your Kimono on, and the ride is on too.

Doll mask


Oiran doesn’t linger at the streets. She knows what she’s most comfortable with. She looks at you in the eye, with the flame in her eyes trying to burn you within. Tonight it is more than a conversation over tea and peace and love.

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Who is Miss Oiran?

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