Go live with my ladies!


This this behind the scene pictures from 14th April live streaming with Moli’s ladies.

I was trying to do some female masking videos to enrich Moli’s crossdressing contents – honestly nothing compares to live streaming and vlogs lately – and I just started here in the dressing room.

It was not too hot a day for wearing a pull-over mask. As a matter of fact any days with a temperature higher than 20 degrees centigrade will be a real test for maskers in terms of durability for sweating :P. This mask I wore is Taylor by CreaFX, applied version with neck.

This lady beside me is my girl colleague Peppa in Moli’s, dedicated to customer satisfaction. And just for the record, she did some doll mask modelling sessions. You can tell by figures 🙂

There are overlapping layers under my neckpiece – the hem of the mask is under the silicone breastplate, which makes me ever hotter. But fine, being sexy pays a price. I’ve included both the mask and the breasts at the bottom of the post so you can take a look, and maybe get yourself a set too 🙂 hehe

Getting my makeup ready and taking a selfie for the last couple of minutes before live streaming started. Hanna was behind me buttonning up. Yup, she’s my co-presenter.

We were simply nervous!!

It was actually my first time presenting a 2-hour talk show in mask with a TS girl, and so was Hanna. Network got jammed and monitor just went off. I got 2 phones set up right in the front and one of them was shut down all the time during the whole live streaming and I had not realized until the show was over.

Hmmm. Doesn’t bother! We got selfies 🙂

Oh, I know what you are looking for – recording of the video? Yes I’ve got them clips in the cloud, but I am not pretty sure when I’ll have time to edit them. I’ll let ya know via my Instagram.

Here you go:

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Go live with my ladies!

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