How I Modify A Molly S | by Bella Paprika


Back in the early summer, Bella received the very first female mask from MoliFX. It’s a Molly S basic model, and it’s only of the many masks she’s owned.

As a sophisticated art designer, she’s kind of picky about everything, esthetically. I mean I struggle with daily misfits as well, and I hate it when things don’t come my way, but apparently Bella is taking this beauty challenge up a notch – she’s spent months doing what she calls the “ultimate mask modication”.

In a standard Molly S, several metal supporters are integrated in the nose bridge to facilitate the adjustment to be made for the eyes distance. They do the job well, while Bella just had an overhaul for the facelift, and replaced them with DIY aluminum racks. It’s a one of the kind custom piece made for her own nose, starting from cutboard with a blade.

I am just quoting some of the tweets she’e recently posted on X, so you can get the picture:

All these works include trimming eyebrows, adjusting the thickness of the inside, some other minor custom embellishment and of course, the “nose project”. I am amazed by the final result! Too much filtering is now spoiling our esthetics. Bella wants this straight, and here we go:

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How I Modify A Molly S | by Bella Paprika

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