*Please note that all Zentais have value pack options that can be added separately to the cart until all you want are in. Check it out:

How can I choose the best size for my measurements?



You can either choose from the sizes listed in the variations, or leave a note in the order with your stature, weight and bust/waist/hip circumferences.

How long does it take to ship to my country/address?

Most Zentais and some masks takes 14 days to customize. Products in stock ususally take 3-7 days to process before they are able to ship. We choose DHL/FedEx/USPS/J-NET as our courier partners. They are subject to respective time efficiency. Typically, it takes 6 + days to North America, 7 – 10 days to Europe and 3 days to East Asia.

How can I add several diffrent options for my Zentai order?

Kindly add all options you want for your Zentai in the Value Pack link under the ZENTAI Category to your shopping cart. Value Pack can be added as many times as you want.

How durable are the fabrics for the Ultra Thick and Pressure series? Do they pill, fray, or snag easily on sharp edges?

Moli’s Zentai uses superb quality materials to ensure that they will last long enough to satisfy your need for encasement. However, don’t use sharp objects when your Zentai is on, and wash with care, under 30 degrees Centigrade.

Can you tell me more about the seamless stitch option?

Seamless Stitches is available for most Zentais and it means we stitch it up only from the inner sides of the legs and arms, so that the suit has a better appearance from the outside. It applies only to legs and arms.

 If I choose the option detachable gloves or hood, how much overlap is there at the wrist and neck with the main body of the garment?

Typically there will be 1-3cm left depending on materials. If you wish to lengthen, let us know via email with an order number.

What is your return policy if something does not fit properly?

We don’t accept returns for all Zentai products or customized products with options. Anyway you can return your order when you find it wrongly made, dificient or missing in some parts. Get in touch with us via email and we will make it right:)

How to choose the right color for my breasts or bodysuits?

From left to right they are LIGHT, MEDIUM, DARK & EBONY.

How can I know if my order has been shipped?

Rest assured that all orders will be shipped in time order and an email that contains your tracking info will be sent to you once it is ready.