УЛЬТРА ТОЛСТАЯ серия | «Ультра 9800D» от Moli’s Zentai

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Provide your measurements according to this link after the order is placed:

Body Measurements Form | Inthemask.com



Suitable for most ladies and small sized gentlemen.


Fit and slim.Your weight should be around 60-70kg to have the best fit.


Weight between 75-80kg fits perfectly.


XL is ideal for weight between 85-95kg.


Double XL for plumpness.

1 отзыв на ULTRA THICK Series | “Ultra 9800D” by Moli’s Zentai

  1. PrinceDreemurrFluff (проверенный владелец)

    Absolutely fantastic suit. Fits and feels amazing all over. A couple minor things like double zipper and feet in the same thickness as the rest of the suit would have been nice…but as I said super comfy suit and definitely was worth the wait. Definitely gunna have to order the 12800D Ultra+ Thick suit next!

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