С-ЛАЙН | Чрезвычайно большие силиконовые сиськи «S Cup» (с силиконовой начинкой по желанию)

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This is the first time that we’ve come up with a silicone breastplate this BIG.

The new “LUST” S cup breastplate has extra thin verges around neckline, shoulder and lower hem, to better blend with your own skin.

The extented shoulders will hide your own skin in a perfect way. Match your low cuts and bodysuits you like the most and show your pride without any embarrassment.

It’s for those beauties who love their boobs and want them stand out for more.


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Why S-Line Breasts? 

“S” represents superb and sexy. It’s our latest product line of breasts, and we are honored to present them in a series.

They have amazing details that will definitely impress you: detailed collarbones, thinned-out edges and smooth breastline. Skin has been refined too to simulate real women skin.

Why S Cup? 

The “LUST” S cup silicone breastplate provides superb realistic look without losing its comfort.

Even if you touch it and pinch any parts you won’t doubt if it’s a real sexy seduction.

We are not too pride to promote, but we are sure it is the biggest silicone boobs breastplate the world has ever seen.

S cup breasts comparison




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Габариты40 × 40 × 20 cm

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